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Immerse Yourself: with Vika Part 2


Starring Vika

Continuing from Part 1, your lovely new neighbor Vika is still chatting your ear off about herself and once again you find your imagination getting the better of you. This time, your sleepy fantasy has turned Vika into the powerful Supergirl, and she comes charging in responding to a distress call. When Supergirl realizes who you are however, she quickly changes her tune and is prepared to not let you go without a fight. Unfortunately for her, she’s no match for a hidden stash of kryptonite that you whip out and press against the mighty S on her chest. She instantly becomes weakened, and crumbles at your feet. Now with our super heroine subdued, you enjoying bringing her deeper into a state of unconsciousness with a gas mask KO, and an injection in her beautiful derrière, that proves she is finally ready to be undressed down to her lingerie.

When she awakens without her Super suit, she fights back thinking that despite all of the previous knockouts could ever have affected her her strength. When she attempts to take you down, you are happy to realize that THE Supergirl is no match for you, and you make the once powerful super heroine submit to you and your demands to repeatedly pass out, get fondled, and put on display in any way you choose. 

The fantasy snaps back to reality when Vika catches you day dreaming again, and this time she scolds you for not paying attention. At this point in time, it becomes clear that there is only one thing left to do: a healthy dose of chloroform to make your fantasies come true! Welcome to the neighborhood, Vika! I hope you enjoy all the napping you’ll be doing! 

This movie contains kryptonite weakening KO, gas mask KO, syringe KO, neck chop KO, dust mask KO, exhaustion KO, teasing chloroform KO, butt slapping, groping, body rolling, babbling, eye check, rag dolling, mouth play, limp limb manipulation


34 minutes runtime 
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 1.8 GB

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