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The Right Drug


Starring Sumiko and Sleeperkid

Heroine/agent Sumiko makes her way into a known crime lord’s home only to take a sudden reverse bearhug from her target (played by Sleeperkid).  She quickly reverses his grip, however, dropping him with a massive knee to the jaw!  Assuming he’s down and out, Sumiko explores the house…but SK comes to, arming himself with a chloro-soaked rag as he sneaks up on the unsuspecting agent.  She struggles as he drags her into the living room, but the chloro eventually does its job, rendering the Japanese fighter completely unconscious.  SK leaves the scene, acting as bait as Sumiko comes to.  She goes outside, following his trail, but a sudden volley of sleeping gas bursts weaken her enough to get cradle carried away by her adversary!  Minutes later she’s bound and trapped.  SK introduces her to a brand new sleepy chemical bound to her DNA: designed to drive her nearly insane with a deep lust for it…even though its repeated application sends her deeper and deeper under his suggestive (and sleepy) spell.  He releases her after she gives in to its effects, laughing as he sprays himself…driving Sumiko to press her body against him, her face buried into his skin as she begs for more.  He eventually hands her the spray and gives her the option to flee, but Sumiko can’t resist the sedative and begs to be put out with it.  SK obliges with a soaked rag, knocking Sumiko out one last time…carrying her off as his laughter rings throughout his lair.

This movie contains chloroform KOs, gassing KO, multiple sleeping spray KOs, bondage, cradle carry, over the shoulder carry, limp limb manipulation


16 minutes runtime 
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 1.1 GB

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