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Bat Company


Starring Ivy Sloan and Jacquelyn Velvets. Based off a custom script, Ivy plays a rookie Bikini PI that breaks into Batgirl's house with intentions of taking her out and bringing her back to headquarters. Batgirl was expecting this rookie prey however, and delivers an arsenal of knockouts on poor Ivy. Her persistence remains true, and even through the haze of dizziness, Ivy keeps coming back for more. It's all fun and games for Batgirl, until Ivy surprises everyone with a syringe she had hidden as a last resort that seems to have taken Batgirl
out for good!  Ivy shows off some of her finest sleepy performances giving a variety of occasional crossed eyes, tongue hanging out, and babbling KO reactions!

This movie contains black jack KO, frying pan head KO, pistol whip KO, multiple punch KOs, teasing chloroform KO, sleeper hold KO, wall head slam KO, temple drill KO, teasing gas mask KO, sleepy spray KO, foot fondling, multiple eye checks, over the shoulder carries, limp limb manipulation, rag dolling

22 minutes run time with OUTTAKES
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 709 MB

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