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Immerse Yourself: with Super Niki


Starring Niki Lee Young

A beautiful leggy blonde reporter sits down across from you on the couch. She has introduced herself as Niki, and she is inquiring about a suspect who has been kidnapping and knocking out young girls in his home. She begins to ramble on, and you can't help yourself but to want to make her a bit more comfortable. She instantly refuses your advances, and asks for a glass of water so she can politely finish the interview and be on her way. Upon returning, you've added a little something special to her water, and as she begins to spiral into unconsciousness, she mutters "It was you all along..." This reporter is not as naive as she seems! Now, the sleepy schemes can begin.

After a few various knockouts, undressing her, and securing her with rope, you feel assured she is your play thing for the night. But, much to your surprise, she has broken free, and now stands confident as Super Niki! In fear, you attempt to punch, fire your gun, and taser her; neither having an effect. Super Niki may think she has this situation under control, but you have A LOT more in store for her after finally getting the opportunity to use your kryptonite gloves on this super beauty!

Undoubtedly one of my favorite sleepy actresses, Niki does not disappoint in showing off her strengths and weaknesses in this epic sexy video!

This movie contains drugged drink KO, teasing chloroform KOs, sleepy spray KO, hand smother KO, kryptonite glove weakening KO, punch out KO, injection KO, black jack KO,bondage, dragging, mouth play, limp limb manipulation

39 minutes run time
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 1.21 GIG

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