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The Sleepy Trifecta


Starring Sumiko and Sleeperkid. Prepare yourselves for three separate tales with LOTS in common!

First off we have Sumiko playing three damsels in distress who suffer tons of knockouts at the hands of an evil stranger (SK). In an interesting twist, these characters somehow escape/defeat their tormentors in the end, but not before becoming victims of a barrage of sleepy take downs! Tale # 1 features Sumiko as the girl next door, foolishly accepting a date request from a stranger on a train. Tale # 2 stars Sumiko as a detective asking the right questions at the WRONG suspect’s home. And tale # 3 gives us Sumiko as “Jungle Girl”: A superheroine out for justice…and destined for it, but not before a small army of masked male clones send her to Dreamland…over and over again.

What can we say? This one has something for everyone, including some intense coupe de grace’s from a tormented Sumiko to her male foes. But that’s a minor trait found within these three short stories. The common theme here is Sumi as a lovely lady who constantly becomes a VIP guest in La La Land…and we guarantee you’ll love it.

Three sleepy stories:

Bad Date
This movie contains blackjack KOs, chloroform KO, fainting KO, cradle carries, over the shoulder carry, bondage

Detective Sue
This movie contains drugged drink KO, chloroform KO, pistol whip KO, headbutt KO, dragging, cradle carry, bondage

Jungle Girl
This movie contains chloroform KO, sleepy spray KO, blackjack KO, pistol whip KO, neck pinch KO, over the shoulder carry, cradle carry, bondage

35 minutes run time
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 1.06 GB

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