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Fembot Fantasies


Starring Nicole Moser, Alisa Kiss, Jacquelyn Velvets, and Derek Masters. As a time killer, Derek flips through the channels and quickly realizes there is absolutely nothing to watch. With the remote in hand, he dozes off only to awaken to his girlfriend Alisa wearing a sexy french maid costume. With a hazey glare he brushes Alisa out of way, and smashes the remote buttons trying to turn the TV back on. Without realizing what is going on in front of him, Alisa The Fembot (!!!) speeds up and pauses as per his button command. When Derek finally wakes up, he is freaked out by the current events, but nothing could prepare him for the likes of Fembot Nicole Moser, and then Fembot Jacquelyn Velvets all at his disposal!! After having quite a bit of fun with push button experimentation, these fembots are in for a bit of dancing, walking, cleaning, and good old fashion KO fun!

This movie contains remote control KOs, fembot fast forwarding speed, fembot freezing poses, body smash KOs, wall smash KOs, feather duster headbonk KOs, remote freeze mid-knock out faces, cradle carries, over the shoulder carries, rag dolling, limp limb manipulation

19 minutes run time
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 577 MB

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