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Immerse Yourself: with Niki Lee Young


In this next EPIC installment of the Immerse Yourself series, I present a 37 minute long custom video starring the sensual Niki Lee Young! Not to be missed!

You have the perfect evening planned with Niki, a beautiful young blonde who you picked up at a local bar. While accompanying her back to your house, she seems eager to please, and wants to start the night off right with a glass of wine. The next thing you know, you feel yourself getting dizzy, and before completely passing out on the floor, Niki's true nature is revealed: she's an undercover agent working for the CIA who's drugged you and now looking to find evidence that will lock you up for good.

When you awaken, you see Niki in the distance attempting to open a safe which you've conveniently rigged with an electronic pulse that sends Niki reeling to the ground. She was right about one thing, you have a sleepy fetish and have done this to countless women you've taken home, and now Niki will have the pleasure of being your next lovely sleepy prey.

With each knockout she is propelled further under your control, and fighting back proves to be a useless effort on her part as she falls victim to multiple KOs that finally leave her stripped and completely vulnerable. You could play these games all night, until Niki has decided she's had enough and turns the tables by grabbing your gun, and accidentally leaving without her phone.

Just when Niki thought you were gone for good, you've used her phone to trace her back to her apartment and the sleepy fun can continue. Another barrage of knockouts lay waste to the once defiant Niki, and it's only till the end when you've stripped her down and have her laying in your lap that she begs for you to knock her out with chloroform in the hopes that it will keep her unconscious till the morning. Will you be there when she awakens?

This movie contains electroshock KO, blackjack KO, pistol whip KO, neck chop KO, teasing gas mask KO, drugged drink KO, taser KO, punch out KO, sleeping gas KO, chloroform KO, rag dolling, eye checks, mouth play, body rolling, limp limb manipulation

37 minutes run time
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 1.14 GB

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