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Hypno Way To Treat Your Friends


Starring Jacquelyn Velvets, Keri Spectrum,
and Serena Voxx

Based on a custom script! We fade in on Jacquelyn Velvets delivering a message directly to her fans. Turns out she’s invited Keri Spectrum and Serena Voxx over for a hypnosis shoot that they’re convinced is going to be staged…but Velvets wants to give her viewers the real thing! Keri and Serena arrive and take a seat in Velvets’ living room, smiling and more than ready to start the clip. Jacquelyn produces a tablet that has an effective hypno spiral running on repeat and proceeds to slowly put Keri under (with Serena’s help). Serena is a bit shocked that the hypnosis actually worked, but Jacquelyn convinces her that she’s way smarter than Keri…and not as susceptible to such things, all while easing her into staring at the tablet! Serena’s eyes glaze over and she is soon forced to sleep next to an already-snoozing Keri.

Jacquelyn grins as she decides to have some fun with her new toys, forcing them undergo a recorded program via headsets that puts them completely under her control. They are forced to sleep again, and minutes later Jacquelyn revives them. Both ladies are completely unaware of what just happened to them, even though they’re still under Jacquelyn’s hypno-spell! Miss Velvets proceeds to use this to her advantage. She commands each girl (one by one) to strip down to their lingerie and they do so without being aware of it! This leads to a comedic exchange between Keri and Serena as they witness themselves obeying every command.  

Now angry, both girls decide to leave but Jacquelyn issues a freeze command.  She poses both girls, then commands them to react to an invisible sleeping gas. Keri and Serena succumb to the “gas” and pass out on a pile on the floor. Jacquelyn continues to toy with them, forcing one to chloroform the other and then freezing them, just so she can switch them around! We watch as Keri over the shoulder carries Serena to the couch and is then asked to perform a self chloro KO. Keri’s eyes roll as she obeys, passing out next to Serena. Jacquelyn commands them to awaken and tricks them into yet another trip to dreamland via hypnosis, smiling as the girls end up in a KO’ed heap on the couch.

A twist ending involving a phone call and a surprise trip to hypno-sleep Land for Miss Velvets wraps this story up…for now!

This movie contains hypnosis KOs, sleep commands, strip commands, freeze commands, posing, chloroform KO with freeze commands, self chloroform KO, g/g over the shoulder carry

34 minutes run time
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 1.08 GB

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