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Worshipping Her Sole


Starring Sahrye and Sleeperkid

Sahrye comes home from a day shopping and unbeknownst to her, she is followed by a foot fetishist who spotted her trying shoes on in the mall. Without hesitation he rushes her with a chloroform rag and puts her into a deep state of unconsciousness. He checks her eyes and begins to put his focus on his prize: her pretty feet in flat sandals. He does performs some limb manipulation on his sleeping victim and watches her legs dangle off the couch. He takes his time admiring her feet, watching the sandals fall off one at a time. He places them back on and continues playing with her limp form by letting her fall to the floor, and then picks her up over his shoulders in an reverse fireman’s carry. Time to take her into the bedroom and get her a new pair of sandals to wear. But, when the perp leaves, Sahrye begins to awaken, and is greeted by a swift black jack blow to the head!

She gets dragged back into the living room, where more rag dolling ensues. He notices she wears a black bikini underneath her clothing that is dying to be revealed, so he undresses her to show off her assets and continues to carry and rag doll her further while paying attention to her fine soles. When she awakens again, she is greeted with another knockout, and one final carry into the bedroom so he can wrap up his precious cargo to put into the trunk of his car so the sleepy fun can continue at his own house!

This movie contains chloroform KO, black jack KO, hand/pillow smother KO, draggings, reverse fireman’s carry, over the shoulder carries, eye check, shoe dangling, emphasis on foot fetish elements, emphasis on rag dolling, limp limb manipulation


27 minutes runtime 
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 1.4 GB

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