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Immerse Yourself: with Wonder Hannah


The beautiful Wonder Hannah is here to save the day! Or at least that's what she was expecting to happen. Wonder Hannah answers a distress call that brings her to find you coming out of a hiding spot. At first she is beaming with confidence, but once you slip on your black leather gloves, she retaliates with a vicious right hook that sends you to the floor beneath her. You came prepared however, and put this breathtaking wonder to sleep with a couple of heavy doses of sleepy spray.

When Hannah awakens, she finds herself tied spread eagle on a bed, and the sleepy dreams you once had of her can now be a reality. At your leisure you awaken the raven haired beauty, as she is only greeted with a chloroform rag that you have prepared to put her under again. Perhaps it's time you tested out the new syringe you picked up filled with a powerful tranquilizer, it should keep her unconscious the deepest, but as you inject it into her neck, she wakes up with what seems the strength of 10 men as she impressively struggles to break free of her bonds.

It's only when she stands up that the tranquilizer begins to take effect, turning her into a wonderful sleepy toy for you to play with for the rest of the evening. Wonder Hannah is no match for even her own lasso of truth, as she groggily admits to chloroform being the thing that will knock her out the deepest; so you rightful give her what she asks for in the end, making this a truly WONDERful night!

This movie contains sleepy spray KOs, multiple chloroform KOs, injection wake up/woozy KO, boot removal, interrogation, bondage, limp limb manipulation, mouth play

18 minutes run time
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 580 MB

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