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Nightie Night Part 2


Starring Jacquelyn Velvets, Becca, and introducing
Merry Meow!

It's one of those nights...the kind where three beautiful best friends have no idea what do at their own slumber party.  Luckily for newcomer Merry Meow, Jacquelyn and Becca used to play a fun game in high school whose nature seems strangely appealing to the lovely Merry. The girls agree to a 3 way knockout game and Jacquelyn gets an early by putting both girls out with a blast from a hidden bottle of sleepy spray.  What follows is the ultimate cure for boredom as all three nightie-clad girls take turns knocking each other out, slipping into comedic and accidental double KOs, various carries, some sexy strip-downs to their lingerie, and a finale that features an epic three way chloroform that leaves the beautiful trio unconscious on the bed!

This movie contains sleepy gas KOs, double chloroform KO, sleepy spray KOs, neck chop KOs, black jack KO, double neck chop KO, double neck pinch KO, three girl chloroform KO, over the shoulder carries, draggings, body piles, eye checks, smelling salt wake up, g/g OTS carries, butt slaps in OTS
carries, limp limb manipulation

24 minutes run time
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 788 MB

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