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Sumiko's Carry-Out Service


Starring Sumiko, Jacquelyn Velvets, Alisa Kiss, Merry Meow, and Lucy Purr

A house filled with clones of agents Velvets, Merry Meow, Alisa Kiss, and Lucy Purr. A single agent sent to take the entire group down. And yes, agent Sumiko is smaller than most, but what she lacks in size she makes up for with sheer strength, stealth, and ability. We see her survey the back yard before taking each clone out quickly and effectively, each time carrying their limp bodies away over her shoulder until a pile of the sleeping baddies are left in a nearby shed. She then makes her way inside, dispatching every girl in the area with her trademark speed. Her knockout tactics are quick and effective; as is the power she exudes when she carries most of the girls away!  

A final set of clones await her in the bedroom…but it turns out they’re the originals, all led by Jacquelyn Velvets, who taunts agent Sumiko before attacking with a sudden punch that Sumiko instantly blocks. In a flash she uses her hand to hand skills to stun all FOUR ladies, finishing them all off with separate knee strikes to the face.

“I've gotta be the strongest agent there is!” Sumiko says confidently, taking her time as she over the shoulder carries each unconscious rival out of the room with ease!!!

This movie contains neck chop KOs, neck pinch KO, punch KO, hand smother KO, double choke out KO, double neck chop KO, head bonk KOs, frying pan KOs, knee kick KOs, multiple g/g OTS carries, eye checks, butt slaps, body piles, limp limb manipulation


24 minutes run time
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 1.24 GIG

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