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Conscious Thievery


Starring Enchantress Sahrye, Jacquelyn Velvets,
and Sleeperkid

One of the best burglars in the business (played by the stunning Sahrye) targets Miss Velvets’ home, making her way through the basement and finding Velvets on the phone with her boyfriend, discussing that night’s “exciting” plans. Sahrye smirks and renders Velvets’ unconscious with an expertly-applied sleeper hold, all while noticing a bag of sleepy toys nearby. Sahrye seems a bit thrown off by the
paraphernalia but decides to use a blackjack in the bag to put her out again.  

“This girl’s weird.” She utters, noticing the valuables in the room.  “I should probably bring some more people back for this gig.”

Sahrye makes her way downstairs but finds a doorknob that sends a ton of volts through her body, electrocuting her into a complete KO. She slumps to the ground, almost peaceful as she slumbers…only to come to and make her way up to the living room.

She notices Velvets is gone and decides to leave through the front door, but ANOTHER wave of electricity sends her twitching and convulsing to the ground, out cold again! We see Miss Velvets emerge, smiling and armed with a chloroform rag.   Turns out Sahrye has decided to steal from the WRONG house…a fact that Miss Velvets enforces with KOs, taunting, and a perfect set up for her boyfriend.   

After knocking her out with a frying pan in the kitchen, Miss Velvets leaves the scene. Moments later her man comes home and finds the “gift” he’s been left. Sahrye comes to but SK renders her unconscious with a frying pan blow, smiling as he undresses the lovely Latina, rag dolling her and taking his time as he knocks her repeatedly…all before carrying the sleeping criminal back to the bedroom for a long night of fun that THREE people are destined to partake in!

This movie contains sleeper hold KO, black jack KO, electrocution KOs, sleepy spray KO, chloroform KO, frying pan KOs, sleeper hold KO, gas mask with chloro spray KO, OTS carries, cradle carry, eye checks, limp limb manipulation

26 minutes run time
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 857 MB

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