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Drugged Enforcement Part 2


Starring Jacquelyn Velvets, Alisa Kiss, Jamie Daniels, and Derek Masters. In Part 2 of this epic tale, we open with drug lord Derek up to his same old routine with a brand new love interest for the night (played by sleepy veteran Jamie Daniels). The evening seems to be going as planned, but Jamie insists on leaving the fembots (Jacquelyn and Alisa) turned off and put away while they enjoy each others company. After Derek shows off a few of their abilities, Jamie is not impressed, and has them moved into the other room where she cleverly gets a hold of Derek's phone which also serves as the fembot remote. She "de-fembotizes" the girls, and their brains are too scattered to remember who or where they are. After desperately trying to snap them out of it, they pass out unexpectedly, and it's only until we see the room filling with sleepy gas do we know that Derek is on to Jamie, who's really another FBI agent and has come to save the girls.

Now that Derek is back in control, he questions his fembots on what to do with Jamie; to which they simultaneously respond "We want to play with her!" and play they will. An unconscious Jamie gets wheeled in via hospital gurney into the medical room where the fembots are now dressed appropriately in sexy nurse uniforms as they examine their subject while keeping her knocked out. Jamie's last resort is a serum she had hidden away which could produce horrible side effects, but in turn malfunctions and put the fembots into a deep sleep.

With her options running out, Jamie plans to make her escape, but instead gets captured by Derek as he forces an injection into her neck. She lets out a breathy sigh as she passes out into his arms, and once Derek repairs his fembots, we are witnessed to Derek adding a new addition to his fembot team: the lovely Jamie Daniels. Now EVERYONE will get to play together all night long!

This movie contains fembot KO commands, sleepy gas KO, double hand smother KO, gas mask KO, stethoscope strangle KO, sleepy serum KOs, injection KOs, cradle carries, body piles, eye check, rag dolling, limp limb manipulation

28 minutes run time
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 875 MB

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