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Neighborhood Flasher


Starring Indica and Maria Marley

We fade in as models Indica and Maria Marley (making her Velvet’s Fantasies debut) enter SK’s house after he contracted them for a casual photo shoot. The photographer gets to work, taking natural light shots of both ladies as they pose and preen for the camera. Not satisfied, he decides to activate his camera’s flash…but it seems to have a secondary effect on his subjects. With each pop, the girls get woozer and woozier, stumbling and grabbing onto each other as a smiling SK keeps snapping pix. A final flash suddenly renders them unconscious, and their host takes advantage by ragdolling his guests, posing them as he prepares for a night of sleepy fun. The beautiful ladies eventually come to, but SK repeatedly sends them back to Dreamland with sleeper holds, chloroform, and more, stripping them down to sexy lingerie and creating sexy body piles in between knockouts. A provocative near-kiss chloroform attack (and a few more flash KOs) claims both girls’ consciousness, leading to some over the shoulder carries and a final epic body pile that SK photographs…right before injecting each girl with a drug designed to make them forget the entire night! A final set of OTS carries to their car ends the fun, with everything fading to black as SK takes both limp bodies out of frame…

This movie contains camera flash KOs, sleeper hold KOs, chloroform KOs, neck pinch KOs, injection KOs, over the shoulder carries, rag dolling, body piles


32 minutes run time
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 1.81 GIG

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