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Lies N Spies


Starring Jacquelyn Velvets, Elsa Ives, and introducing Andrea Rosu!

Knockouts, twists, betrayal, seduction, and three of the sexiest performances you’ll see all year:  this one has it all!

Based off a custom script! We fade in on the lovely Agent Jacquelyn Velvets, who’s been sent to assassinate the beautiful Andrea Rosu, but upon laying eyes on the busty redhead, the devious Velvets formulates a backup plan that involves a bonus to her already established pay.  She tracks Andrea and confronts her in the bedroom, but the shocked spy faints after feeling Jacquelyn’s gun against the back of her head.  Jacquelyn hears a noise in the next room and hides, placing Rosu’s unconscious body on the bed.  Another lovely spy enters the fray and Velvets gets the jump on her, but the new player tears the gun from Jacquelyn’s hand and turns it on her.  A shocked look possesses Jacquelyn’s face as she recognizes her former partner (and lover), the stunning Elsa Ives.  Elsa attacks and the two exchange blows and KOs…but Jacquelyn manages to trap Elsa in a tight and decisive sleeper hold.  Panicked, Velvets convinces Agent Rosu to trust her and the two try to make an escape but Elsa awakens and chases the two agents down.  

And this is where it gets complicated...

What proceeds to unfold is a series of twists, turns, kisses, and burns…as things turn out to be a shade darker than what they seem.  Knockouts and drama ensue, including a final reveal that leaves one agent down for good…and the rest locked in a passionate life and death embrace.

This movie contains fainting KO, punch out KOs, pistol whip KOs, sleeper hold KOs, floor head bonk KOs, tranquilizer dart gun KO, pistol shot death, draggings, two person carry

24 minutes run time PLUS OUTTAKES!
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 796 MB

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