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Cloned To Death


Starring Jacquelyn Velvets and Serena Voxx

Never send one woman on a mission it would take an army to complete. Unless, of course, that woman is Serena Voxx. A veritable platoon of Serena replicants have established a forward base in American suburbia, where they’re busy training  for a covert operation with potentially dire consequences. But even with so many clones of herself, Serena Prime is still missing a critical skillset that’s required for this action. 

When Jacquelyn Velvets arrives, it seems like all the necessary elements are there to ensure the mission’s success. 

But Jacquelyn has a mission of her own, and the moment she senses an opportunity, she leaps into action. With a blade that she draws from seemingly nowhere, she lashes out and viciously carves up the first Serena clone she finds. As more replicants come to check out the situation, Miss Velvets coldly eliminates them one by one, until she’s sure that there are none left.

In all the action, it possible that she miscounted? 

As Agent Velvets relaxes, Serena Prime bursts into the room. Now that it’s just between the two of them, who will emerge victorious?

This movie contains knife stabbing deaths, shooting deaths, tranquilizer dart KO, belly punching, taser, neck snap death, death stares, limp limb manipulation 


  • 13 minutes runtime 
  • Resolution - 720x1280
  • File Size - 1 GB


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