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Gun Games Part 2


Starring Jacquelyn Velvets and Nikki Fierce
We fade in on Nikki Fierce and Jacquelyn Velvets enjoying the end of a classic female noir film…one where the femme fatale is gunned down in the final act.  The girls seem quite excited by the very idea of this happening and decide to engage in some fun role play.  They grab some gas-powered handguns and proceed to stalk each other around the house, “gunning” each other down and enjoying the sexy body thrusts and moans they make before a final shot (and some sensual kisses) ends it all. 

Over and over again, Jacquelyn and Nikki take turns playing victim and assassin, with each steamy elimination exceeding the one before it.  A final double assassination on the bed provides the night’s climax…leading to both ladies getting up and hugging as they talk about how amazing the role play was…and how they’re “dying” to try it again soon!
This movie contains multiple pistol shot deaths, pulse checks, pleading, death stares, post-mortem kissing, limp limb manipulation
There are NO blood scenes or special effects just sexy girls dying over and over in various ways!
**This movie features my gas-powered gun props that provide realistic recoil and occasional "smoke puff" effects!!**
14 minutes run time
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 1.04 GIG


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