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Monica With A Twist


Starring Jacquelyn Velvets and Monica Jade

Agent Velvets has been tasked, yet again, with clearing an entire house filled with clones…this time exact copies of the lethal and lovely Monica Jade! Velvets’ boss releases one of the clones at the very end of her briefing, taking Jacquelyn by surprise but not for long!  An elbow to the stomach and a sudden neck snap takes care of clone # 1, with the beautiful Agent Velvets delivering a SECOND neck snap just to make sure. Velvets makes her way through the rest of her house, snapping necks and taking zero names as she ends the lives of multiple Jade clones.  After clearing the building, Velvets dispatches a final clone with two NEW neck-snap techniques as her boss watches. Satisfied with her training session, Miss Velvets leaves the room as we fade out on the beautiful body of yet another clone victim!

This movie contains 6 neck snaps, 8 over kill neck snaps, dragon sleeper neck snap, boot assisted neck snap dragging, pulse checks, death stares, pleading, limp limb manipulation

11 minutes run time
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 339 MB

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