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Up For The Challenge


Starring Jinx and Jacquelyn Velvets

Jinx had big plans tonight. Sadly for her, she’s going to end up...late. She’s only just made it home after her date, but the luscious night-owl is already on the phone with her best friend and trying to figure out the next step on this Saturday evening’s agenda. Unfortunately, in all her haste, Jinx has failed to notice her doom stalking the house’s shadows. Jacquelyn Velvets has plans of her own.

She also has gloves, a garrote, and a thirst for the kill. Jinx struggles against the inevitable for a short eternity.

In the end, her flailing can’t compete with the cruelty Mrs. Velvets can muster. The disastrously sexy blonde tightens the garrote viciously, and watches the life drain from Jinx’s eyes. Now that Jacquelyn has complete control over her victim’s lifeless body, will she sell her to the highest bidder or does she have more nefarious indignities in store?

This movie contains extended strangulation death, death stare, rag dolling, over the shoulder carries, pulse check


  • 13 minutes runtime 
  • Resolution - 720x1280
  • File Size - 908 MB

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