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A Couple Of Knockouts


Starring Kat Van Wilder and James Barbatus

James Barbatus just isn’t built for dating. He’s tried it before, but his clumsy tongue and his even clumsier body make him dangerous boyfriend material. So, when Jacquelyn sets him up on a dating app, James knows it’s just going to end in disaster. But when the unbelievable Kat Van Wilder shows up at his door, James just can’t help but take the chance…

…and it immediately proves to be a bad idea. Again and again, James slips, trips, slams, and slaps, knocking the poor Kat senseless in the process. Every time this has happened before, the girl has run as fast as she could away from him. 

But a strange thing happens…Kay *never* seems to remember his oopsie dasies…in fact, she wakes up each time happier and more attracted to him! 

Is this true love? Or is it moderate to severe brain damage?  

This movie contains head slam KO, accidental punch KOs, body bash KO, couch slam KO, wall slam KO, shoe hit KO, slip and fall KO, double head smash KO, cradle carry, over the shoulder carries, dragging, over the top KO reactions, crossed eyes, rag dolling


  • 22 minutes runtime
  • Resolution - 1920x1080
  • File Size - 1.77 GB

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