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Another Sleepy Trifecta


Starring Sumiko and Jacquelyn Velvets

They say that big events always happen in sets of three. That is certainly true of this week's steamy release, a triple set of delicious sleepy stories featuring the golden Goddess Jacquelyn Velvets and her sexy victim Sumiko. 

In each 10 minute vignette, Sumiko finds herself at Jacquelyn's (nearly non-existent) mercy. Join our favorite blonde bombshell as she repeatedly knocks Sumiko senseless, reducing the once tough temptress to an eye-rolling, boneless mess.

Each scene includes multiple knockouts, with a specific focus on the ladies' lovely feet and sultry stems. 

In "A Strange Visitor," poor Sumiko is only trying to catch a quick nap before her husband gets home. Unfortunately, a black gloved intruder has found the spare key. Sumiko will definitely be spending some time unconscious, but it probably won't end up being very restful. 

Sumiko is Jacquelyn's gracious girlfriend in "A Drowsy Date." The girls have finally been able to see each other in person after a prolonged separation. Jacquelyn has prepared for the occasion by setting out some sleepy surprises for her beloved, and once the knockouts start, the evening becomes infinitely more arousing. 

Jacquelyn sets a dastardly snare in "A Trap for Junglegirl." Preying on her target's inherent compassion, Jacquelyn maneuvers Sumiko into a series of compromising positions before tying her tightly to a chair. What tortures will she have in store for her vulnerable plaything?

This movie contains neck pinch KOs, neck chop KOs, head slam KOs, chloroform KOs, black jack KO, foot pressure point KO, pistol whip KOs, bondage, chloroform bottle fume KO, emphasis on feet, limp limb manipulation


  • 33 minutes runtime
  • Resolution - 1920x1080
  • File Size - 3.79 GB

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