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Agent Salinas Checks Out


Starring Karly Salinas and Jacquelyn Velvets

Secret Agent Jacquelyn Velvets is on the phone with her boss boasting about a recent job and how easy it was to score the big heist. Agent Velvets believes she’s at the top of her game, with no competition in sight, but her arrogance gets the better of her as we see Agent Karly Salinas making her way to Velvets’ hide out. The rival agent makes quick use of her skills and takes Velvets out with ease repeatedly by way of neck chops and foot pressure knock outs, but Agent Velvets proves she still remains at the top of her game by over coming the other agent and knocking her out again and again, almost for the sheer pleasure of it! 

In the end, not only does Agent Velvets have a cash bonus from the previous job in the bag, but now she has the mercy of one of her rival agents at her disposal, making it another successful mission for Agent Velvets!

This movie contains multiple neck chop KOs, multiple foot pressure KOs, foot pressure wake up, punch KO, uniform swapping, limp limb manipulation


21 minutes runtime
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 1.5 GB

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