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No Restroom For The Wicked


Starring Jacquelyn Velvets and Saya Savage

We fade in on BFFs Saya Savage and Jacquelyn Velvets getting ready for a night out at their favorite night club.  Miss Velvets mentions how excited she is to see a guy she’s extremely interested in but Saya counters with her own intentions for Velvets’ would-be boyfriend.  Enraged, Jacquelyn sneaks off and douses a cloth with chloroform, using it to attack Saya and render her completely unconscious.  Saya comes to as Velvets finishing get ready, hatred in her eyes as she takes Jacquelyn down with a neck-scissors knockout.  This sparks an intense battle that eventually spills into Jacquelyn’s bedroom and ends with a flurry of finishers and a sudden syringe attack that leaves a former best friend snoozing the night away on the floor…all while her roomie gets ready to paint the town red!

This movie contains chloroform KOs, leg scissor KO, sleeper hold KO, foot choke KO, breast smother KO, face sitting KO, foot smother KO, syringe KO, over the shoulder carry, butt slaps, limp limb manipulation


20 minutes runtime 
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 1.4 GB

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