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Immerse Yourself: with Vika Part 1


Starring Vika

Our story begins with a knock at the door, and it’s your brand new neighbor! She introduces herself as Vika, and she is a tall, beautiful blonde that wants to be more acquainted with everyone in her new neighborhood. You let her sit down, and are immediately taken by her stunningly beautiful body and striking features that you begin to loose focus on what she’s talking about. She continually goes on and on about herself and you soon find that your imagination is getting the better of you, and we’re suddenly given a view of the mind of what a sleepy fantasy would look like with this blonde bombshell. 

There she stands in her skin tight blue “Zero Suit”, unknowing what her strange sleepy fate has in store for her. First, you hide behind a wall and throw a flash bomb to daze her, but it proves to be too much for her to handle and she collapses in your favorite derrière position. You take liberties by caressing her spandex clad body, giving her a few light slaps on her raised behind, and then the sleepy barrage can begin. You wake her up by a shocking zap from a taser, and then show your strength to this once powerful Goddess by observing your dominance over her weakened state by fondling, undressing, and even letting her attempt to get a few hits in but ultimately her exhaustion gets the better of her proving that she can’t handle you!

Once she’s sprawled out on the couch in her delicate lingerie, you suddenly snap out of your day dream when she catches you not paying attention. Her rambling goes on however, and it’s back to imagining what she would look like as Supergirl! Find out what happens in Part 2!!

This movie contains flash bomb KO, teasing taser KO, belly punching, head slam KO, punch KO, teasing hand smother KO, exhaustion KO, groping, dragging, body rolling, babbling, eye check, rag dolling, mouth play, limp limb manipulation


21 minutes runtime 
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 1.5 GB

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