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Staying In & Going Out with: Luna Lain


Starring (and introducing!) Luna Lain

Another beautiful new model is out to join the Velvet’s Fantasies roster, and this time it’s the beautiful Luna Lain! Having been a fan of Miss Velvets for years, Luna agrees to a sit-down audition with SK as Velvets watches via a live camera feed. Framed by a lovely new set, Sleeperkid starts off with a healthy dose of chloroform that Luna assumes is just a prop, until the drug slowly sends her to sleep. She wakes up confused and slightly angry…until the Kid offers her a cash bonus that convinces the beautiful actress to stick around for even more knockout fun! SK proceeds to repeatedly send Luna to Dreamland, stripping her down to her lovely lingerie as he carries and poses her around the room, dragging her back to her chair and and delivering a final volley of KOs that sets her up for a sleepy dust mask game. A final self KO with a syringe filled with a powerful sedative ends Luna’s astounding performance, right before SK carries her out of the room to sleep it off!

This movie contains chloroform KO, blackjack KO, sleepy spray KO, injection KO, over the shoulder carries, cradle carry


26 minutes run time
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 1.37 GIG

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