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Saga Of The SumiClones


Starring Sumiko and Jacquelyn Velvets

When the powers that be first conceptualized the combined Velvets/Sumiko Clone Hive, the whole thing sounded like a great idea! After all, these clones are genetically designed to compete with one theory, this means that they'll constantly be spurring one another towards greatness! 

Unfortunately, it took only a few weeks for some very obvious complications to arise. Far from being a secure Hive with a veritable army of top-shape clones, it quickly devolved into violent chaos, with Sumiko clones and Velvets clones abandoning all other training simulations just to hunt one another down. 

Most of the time, these hunts end in simple knockouts. Sometimes, though, only total elimination can sate the bloodlust of one of the clones. 

At least the powers that be thought to install a CCTV system. The combined Hive may be a failure on paper...but it sure is fun to watch!

This movie contains multiple neck chop KOs, multiple neck pinch KOs, sleeper hold KOs, neck snap deaths, double neck pinch KO, limp limb manipulation, body pile



  • 21 minutes runtime
  • Resolution - 1920x1080
  • File Size - 1.72 GB

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