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A Scripted Ending


Starring Jacquelyn Velvets, Luna Lain & Angel Lee

We fade in on the lovely Luna Lain as she arrives for a KO audition with Jacquelyn Velvets! Velvets gives her some details on the shoot and then asks for some sample knockout reactions from the eager redhead. Luna displays her proficiency at selling faint, karate chop, and sleepy spray KOs, all to Miss Velvets’ delight. After she asks Luna to remove her shoes, however, the devious Miss V sneaks up and delivers a REAL karate chop that knocks Luna out almost instantly! She plays with Luna’s limp body, caressing her pantyhose-clad feet. Luna awakens but Jacquelyn sends her back to sleep with a karate chop. There’s a knock at the door, signaling the arrival of yet another aspiring actress (the beautiful Angel Lee). After dragging Luna away, we fade in on Angel and Jacquelyn going through the same process. This time, however, Angel drugs Jacquelyn’s drink when she leaves to check on the sleeping Luna, who sneakily counters Jacquelyn with a karate chop KO of her own. Luna pretends to be Jacquelyn’s assistant, and it soon becomes obvious that all three women are not what they appear to be. Tons of twists follow, all peppered with multiple knockouts, sleepy search scenes, carries, clothing removal, seduction, and a final three-for-all that ends with ONE victorious beauty…even though we fade out on three sleeping bodies!!!

This movie contains QUICK KO reactions, multiple neck chop KOs, drugged drink KO, high pitched noise KO, double neck chop KOs, dragging, two-person carry, body piles, pantyhose


26 minutes run time
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 1.3 GB

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