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All Vonka Wants


Starring Vonka and James Barbatus

Poor Vonka has been having a lot of trouble sleeping. She's tried everything! Warm milk doesn't help. Relaxing music only irritates her. Don't even get me started on counting sheep!! The truth is that she's desperate... willing to try just about anything. Tonight, she has definitely come to the right place!

She has heard about me and my techniques. It's widely known that I can put ANYONE to sleep! She's come by in hopes of getting some relief, and I'm more than happy to offer it! There's just one catch... I'm not home! I've left my enforcer James Barbatus here for the evening, though, and he's always happy to lend a hand!

Vonka is suspicious of him at first (and well she should be!) but she's so desperate for sleep that she's willing to give him a try. He starts simply, trying to help her achieve restful sleep with a variety of tried and true implements.

But James doesn't do anything selflessly. While poor Vonka is out of it, James can't help but ragdoll her, play with her limp form, and carry her around!!!

And once he has her completely out... well. He throws her over his shoulder effortlessly and brings her upstairs... to me!

This movie contains chloro KOs, sleepy spray KO, black jack KO, gas mask KO, sleeper hold KO, cradle carries, over the shoulder carries,


  • 16 minutes runtime
  • Resolution - 1920x1080
  • File Size -  1.85 GB

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