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Another Dreamy Trifecta


Starring Sumiko and James Barbatus

In this titillating trifecta of stories, sexy Sumiko just can't catch a break! She'll be knocked out using various means across a collection of tales!

Vignette #1 - Nightgown Chronicles Revisted: In the first story, Sumiko wakes to a knock at the door. When she answers, she's stunned to find the POV waiting to give her a nap! She'll end up on the bed, where she'll be ragdolled and toyed with. She'll eventually wake and try to make a run for it, but a wall slam will put her back down for you to play with some more! 

Vignette # 2 - The Study Session: In the second story, Sumiko is excited to study with nerdy classmate James Barbatus. She shouldn't underestimate her overeager friend, though ... he's going to use a variety of methods to render her a mindless mess for his own pleasure! 

Vignette #3 - Tomb Hunter: Finally, Tomb Hunter Sumiko discovers the villainous thief James Barbatus trying to make his grand escape! She has other plans though, and she holds him at gunpoint. James isn't going down this easily, though, and he slams her against the wall and knocks her senseless. He'll tie her to a chair ... but she gets free, and chokes HIM out! A stunning role reversal sees Sumiko escaping while JAMES becomes a messy pile on the floor!

This movie contains Neck Pinch KOs, punch KO, black jack KOs, head slam KOs, neck chop KOs, groping, cradle carries, Chloro KOs, drink KO, pistol whip KOs, over the shoulder carries, bare feet, bondage


  • 35 minutes runtime
  • Resolution - 1920x1080
  • File Size - 4.05 GB

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