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Another Sleepy Play Pal


Starring Jacquelyn Velvets, Constance, and SK

We fade in on the beautiful Jacquelyn Velvets showing the lovely Constance a sleepy scene from one of her favorite movies.  The two gasp at the drama and suspense, but after the film ends it becomes evident that Jacquelyn has a few ulterior motives in place.  Velvets convinces a nervous Constance to try out some REAL sleepy games, showing her the bottle of chloroform she has hidden under her pillow.  She talks her friend into trying it and within seconds she has a doused cloth wrapped around Constance’s mouth and nose.  Constance’s eyes roll as she moans…succumbing to the chloro as Jacquelyn whispers sleepy nothings into her ear.  Velvets then takes her time toying with Constance’s limp body, her hands feeling flesh as her friend starts coming to.  Another healthy dose of the chloro takes care of that, however, leaving Constance’s body limp yet again.  Jacquelyn plants a kiss on her friend’s sleeping lips before producing a bottle of sleepy spray, which she uses to send Constance back to Dreamland after she barely manages to come to.  Velvets delights in being able to rag doll the unconscious Constance, only to use a gas mask covered in a special sleepy spray to send her out…yet again!  A final kiss leads to Velvets’ exit, who decides to leave Constance as a gift to her husband (played by SK).  We fade in on the Kid discovering Constance’s unconscious body, smiling as he realizes what’s going on.   He hides and pounces on Constance as she tries to make an escape, sending her out with a tight sleeper hold, followed by a perfect over the shoulder carry!   He rag dolls the lovely brunette, putting her out with a chloroform-dosed rag after she comes to.  He takes his time, removing the cloth and reveling in her sleepy expressions before putting her out all the way.   A final OTS carry follows as SK makes his way through the house, calling for his beautiful wife…

This movie contains chloroform KO, teasing chloroform KO, sleeping gas KO, gas mask with sleepy spray KO, sleeper hold KO, sleepy kissing, over the shoulder carries, groping, rag dolling, butt slaps, limp limb manipulation


22 minutes run time 
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 1 GIG

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