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Carrying Sleepy Sage


Starring Sage Pillar and James Barbatus

Sexy houseguest Sage Pillar has been having an awful time recently trying to rest. She has tried everything, but nothing seems to work. When she comes to spend a couple of nights at Casa Velvets, though, she quickly uncovers all of the MANY resources I have here to assist with that particular affliction…

But when she sips some sleepy soda, she realizes far too late how potent my concoctions are. She can’t even make it off the couch…and unluckily for her, that’s where my nefarious partner James Barbatus finds her. He quickly removed her shoes and cradle carries her to the bedroom…where in short order he removes everything else.

Of course all this activity wakes her, but James is quick to put her out again using a variety of methods. Eventually, though, he realizes that I’m on my way home…and he doesn’t want me to find them together…

This movie contains drugged drink KO, Chloroform KO, Foot Pressure Point KO, Sleeperhold KO, bare feet, dirty feet, toplessness, nudity, cradle carry, nude cradle carry, OTS carry, nude OTS carry.


  • 13 minutes runtime
  • Resolution - 1920x1080
  • File Size - 987 MB

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