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Carrying The Performance


Starring Sahrye, Vonka, and James Barbatus

James Barbatus is in a sticky situation. His boss has requested that he audition both Vonka and Sahrye…together! It’s clear that these two girls don’t get along, and it’s James’s responsibility to wrangle them. No worries, though…he has some ideas. Taking advantage of his size, he’s able to press a chloro rag to both of their faces at the same time! Once he has the combative ladies limp and compliant, he can’t help but carry them around a bit!

But that’s not it…these two girls are fiery, and Miss Velvets’s demands are exacting. Over the course of the next 40 minutes,James repeatedly knocks the girls out, using various methods. Each time he plays with their limp forms, ragdolling and carrying them to his own content.

Eventually, he carries the two down to the dungeon bedroom. This is where the final decision will be made. Will his boss cast one of the girls? Or, instead, will they remain here as silent trophies?

This epic 40 minute movie contains chloro KOs, sleepy spray KOs, camera flash KOs, gas mask KOs, nerve pinch KO, hand choke KO, ass smother KO, belly punching, limp play, emphasis on ragdolling, multiple cradle carries, OTS carry, body piles


  • 40 minutes runtime
  • Resolution - 1920x1080
  • File Size - 3.23 GB

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