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Doll Recruiting Part 1 of 2


Starring Jasmin Jai, Dakota Charms and James Barbatus

Agents in Training Jasmin Jai and Dakota Charmsare finally closing in on their graduation from the academy and into full-fledged Detective status! For their final (and most crucial) mission, the girls have been dispatched to the home of James Barbatus, a “college professor” who has been conducting experiments with sleepy mind control. Apparently, several girls have gone missing from the local University, and all signs point to James as their abductor! 

Jasmin and Dakota have been directed to participate in James’s experiments…after all, they’ve received intense resistance training. It should be next to nothing for them to fool James into thinking they’re out, then snooping around to see if they can discover his plan! 

There’s only one problem…they’ve never seen any techniques like his! James is easily able to subdue Jasmin, and once she’s out, Dakota panics and flees the room. James gets to work turning Jasmin into the perfect Fembot! 

Dakota can’t worry about her friend right now…she has to find out what’s going on and complete the mission! While the villain is distracted, she searches the house and finds all the data she could need! As soon as she’s done, she runs and pretends to be knocked out on the floor…just in time for James to find her. 

But when Jasmin escorts her back into the living room, Dakota is quick to discover that she’s in trouble…her partner is fully robotic and under the villain’s control!

This movie contains sleepy gas KOs, sleepy spray KO, gas mask KO, cradle carries, fem bot conversion, freeze commands, sexy dance with freeze commands, Chloro KO, neck chop drowsy, rag dolling


  • 31 minutes runtime
  • Resolution - 1920x1080
  • File Size - 3.53 GB

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