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Goofy Experiments Part 2


Starring Jacquelyn Velvets, Alisa Kiss and Heather West

We fade in on scientist Jacquelyn Velvets prepping her newest beauty of a series that have so far been a huge hit with her trial customers. Two of her repeat clients (Heather West and Alisa Kiss) arrive and start raving about how good Velvets’ previous tonic was. They’ve never felt more beautiful and are dying to try out the new stuff! Jacquelyn gives them the potion and they down it quickly, going on to make small talk as Velvets records their reactions. As the conversation continues, both Alisa and Heather start getting snippy with each other, attacking each other verbally with insults that go from small to downright brutal. A fight erupts as Miss Velvets steps away, wide-eyed as she writes everything down. The girls grab at each other’s hair and start pulling until a double headbutt knocks them down and pout, but not before delivering extremely comical/goofy facial reactions, with silly groans pouring out of them before they drop to the ground!

Velvets continues to record the action with her pen, watching as the ladies wake up and deliver double and back and forth KOs, each one more outrageously comical than the previous one…until the ladies turn their hostility and new found aggression on Miss Velvets, that is! They chase her into a nearby room and slam the door behind them. We hear the sounds of what can only be a violent battle…and then silence. The door slowly opens and we see a completely goofy-faced Jacquelyn stumble out and collapse on the ground, tongue sticking out of her mouth as both Alisa and Heather follow suit, leaving a trio of piled up ladies on the floor as the camera fades to black!

This movie contains double head butt KO, back and forth punch out KOs, double punch KO, kick KO, wall head KO, babbling, crossed eyes, tongue hanging out, limp limb manipulation

17 minutes run time
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 584 MB

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