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Hopeful Carries, Blissful Minds Part 1


Starring Bliss Dulce, Mia Hope and James Barbatus

In her debut at Velvets Fantasies, the stunning Mia Hope is desperate for anything that will ease her anxiety and help her rest. She’s tried a thousand different things…but none of them have give her the sleep she so desperately needs. When she heard about the bizarre radical therapy sessions being run by James Barbatus, she thought that she had finally found her salvation.

James seems to be just what she needs…his voice is calming and his demeanor is charming. She isn’t even all that concerned when he produces a syringe full of some kind of medication and injects it into her thigh. Almost immediately, she’s sent down a mindless somnolent spiral. James poses her body and carries her around the room…but when his second appointment, the fabulous model Bliss Dulce shows up for an appointment, James hides Mia away and pulls out his camera…

Which has, of course, been modified with a hypnotic flash. Shot after shot makes Bliss more suggestable…until eventually, she’s his completely.

With two women under his control…James is going to have quite the afternoon.

This movie contains syringe KO, rag dolling, limp play, cradle carries, lingerie, hypno flash induction, body piles


  • 22 minutes runtime
  • Resolution - 1920x1080
  • File Size - 1.65 GB

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