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Operation: Knockout


Starring Jacquelyn Velvets, Samantha Grace and Rifferus

Jacquelyn Velvets and Samantha Grace are agents who have BOTH betrayed their handlers…and have been assigned by their new bosses to infiltrate a nearby safe house. The twist is that these two have a history together…and they have no idea their rival is on the premises! The two manage to take turns knocking each other out with a well-placed tranquilizer dart to the back before they make their way in…with agent Velvets discovering a bag of weapons (one she assumes was left there by her new boss) in the living room. It becomes obvious that their missions are to take out whoever else is in the house, and the two do their very best to accomplish it. Jacquelyn takes Samantha Grace down and ties her up, realizing she’s been pitted against a former colleague, only to have Agent Grace return the favor after escaping the ropes! The two square off for a final showdown but a series of ninja-like karate chops to the neck suddenly takes BOTH agents down.

They come to minutes later, tied up as their boss reveals himself. The two agents, who had no idea they were both betraying their superiors in order to serve the same man (played by Riff), struggle as the evildoer explains his plans to use the agents as a decoy in order to escape the country with
several key files that had been stashed in the safe house. The agents beg for mercy but their boss silences them with two chloroform-soaked rags, and throws them over his shoulder leaving them completely unconscious as he makes his exit…

This movie contains tranquilizer dart KOs, chloroform KOs, sleepy spray KO, gas mask KO, neck chop KOs, double chloroform KO, bondage, over the shoulder carries, sleepy kissing

25 minutes run time
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 838 MB

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