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Immerse Yourself with: Lucy Purr Part 2


In this EPIC 51 minute custom script, we have met with Lucy who portrays the newly promoted head of a spy ring who is tasked with conducting a practical skills evaluation of her second-in- command (the POV character). The POV character is bitter and resentful of being passed over for the head job by Lucy and sees this evaluation as a chance to prove his skills are superior to hers. In Part 1, he starts off by cleverly undermining the first few tasks in the evaluation before Lucy catches onto his game – the skills exam devolves into a knockout free-for- all with the POV character getting the decisive upper hand. 

As she slowly realizes that POV is looking to humiliate her, she starts to show some of her misplaced cockiness/arrogance, but that quickly goes away as she gets knocked out repeatedly in Part 1. Eventually a weary Lucy is able to call for backup, forcing the POV character to retreat. 

In Part 2 she is surprised by POV and starts off defiant, but slowly loses her will to resist over the course of many knockouts, eventually ceding her position to him and acknowledging him as her superior. Part 2 is the POV character returning to Lucy’s home and catching her unaware – this time, she is completely helpless and subject to his sleepy revenge!

This movie contains drugged drink KO, injection KO, knee strike KO, pistol whip KO, head bonk KO, flash bomb woozy, black jack KO, teasing chloroforms KO with groping,  sleepy spray KO with groping, dust mask KO, self chloroform KO, mouth/face/lip caressing, body rolling, groping and fondling, butt slaps, limp limb manipulation, rag dolling

51 minutes run time 
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 2.4 GIG


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