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Jamie N Dee And The Chloro Makes Three


Featuring the return of everyone’s favorite sleepy duo:

Goddess Dee and Jamie Daniels!!!

We fade in on Jamie and Dee as they come back from a night out on the town, slightly inebriated and ready for fun!  The two decide to play their favorite knockout game from days past.  After whipping out a variety of knockout toys, the girls go to work, taking turns knocking each other out cold…using sweet sleepy talk as they relish each and every slow trip to Dreamland.  The two go for the classics, using everything from chloroform to sleeping gas on each other, taking the opportunity to slowly relieve their victims of their clothing.  A sleepy mask emerges, as does a hand over mouth smother technique, all culminating in a final mutual chloroform kiss, once which leave two legendary sleepy queens in a perfect, lingerie-clad body pile on their bed!!!

This movie contains chloroform KOs, sleepy spray KO, gas mask KO, hand smother KO, double chloroform KO, light foot worshipping, light sleepy kissing, limp limb manipulation


20 minutes runtime 
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 1.4 GB

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