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Laid And Betrayed


Starring Jacquelyn Velvets, Lucy Purr, and Sleeperkid

Based on a custom script! We fade in on two of the world’s best secret agents (Jacquelyn Velvets and Lucy Purr) unconscious on a bed.  Agent Purr comes to and explores the room, only to have Agent Velvets wake up and attack her from behind.  She traps Lucy in a choke hold, demanding to know where she is.  Lucy tries to tell her that she’s not her captor but Velvets refuses to believe her.  As she nears unconsciousness, Agent Purr slams her her skull into Velvets’, knocking her out right before she too passes out on top of her.  Minutes pass and the ladies wake up…this time deciding to team up and find out what’s going on.  A voice (SK’s in this case)  fills the room, telling the agents that he kidnapped them in order to offer them high-paying work for his group.  Jacquelyn refuses and goes for the door, but a series of sudden shocks electrocute her into unconsciousness.  SK tricks Lucy into doing the same, leaving us with two lovely and sleeping agents, resting side by side on the floor. 

The story continues…and we watch as both agents do battle due to betrayals, only to end up as lovers after a successful job.  When they try to rip off one of SK’s clients, however, the boss man commands Lucy to “terminate” her partner.  After a sexy massage turns into a sudden pressure point KO for Jacquelyn, Lucy moves in to snap her neck but can’t bring herself to do it.  A confused Jacquelyn comes to and pistol-whips her lover, only to take a sudden POV punch KO from their boss as she tries to escape.  The bossman carries Velvets to the bed and leaves both ladies resting as we fade out…and back in to the agents, clad in sexy lingerie, kissing tenderly.  It appears the two have made up, but as the camera pulls back we see their boss smiling as he commands them to stop.  A secret hypnosis serum has turned the agents into his personal playthings, and SK delights in making them knock each other out (via a sleeper hold and neck pinch) while they caress and kiss each other on the bed.  After both ladies are out cold, their boss decides to prepare a long night of fun…after over the shoulder carrying BOTH beautiful bodies out of the room.

This movie contains sleeper hold KOs, head butt KO, door electrocution KOs, punch out KO, body scissor KO, neck chop KO, pressure point KO, pistol whip KO, neck pinch KO, body piles, choreographed fighting, over the shoulder carries, limp limb manipulation


27 minutes run time 
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 1.39 GIG

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