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Love And Freedom


Starring Jacquelyn Velvets, Sinn Sage and Drake Man O’War

We fade in on devious bossman Drake as he oversees his favorite agents (Sinn Sage and Jacquelyn Velvets).  It soon becomes apparent that Drake’s “hands on” approach to Sinn bothers Velvets, and when he leaves we see why.  The two lock in a lover’s embrace, kissing and displaying a forbidden love.  A nervous Sinn reminds Velvets how dangerous it is to play this way, but the two retire to their bedroom anyway.  A playful and erotic knockout game erupts, with both ladies trying to outclass the other’s finely honed sleepy skills.  A final double chloroform attack (and a follow up kiss) does both beautiful agents in, but when Drake discovers their activities, all hell breaks loose, leading to two unconscious ladies and a very disgruntled boss.   Days later, the two find themselves in the middle of a mission, but Velvets has had enough.  She tells Sinn to run away with her, but Drake appears…having listened to the whole conversation.  He knocks them out with a double choke and tries to leave with Sinn but Velvets recovers and nails him with kick to the crotch.  Furious, Velvets grabs Drake’s neck and snaps it like a twig.  She awakens her stunned lover and the two embrace, relieved to finally be rid of their evil overseer.  Their celebration is short-lived, however, as the room suddenly fills with a powerful gas that sends both agents back to sleep!!!

This movie contains breast smother KO, leg scissor KO, frontal and reversal face sitting KO, chloroform KO, head slam KO, choke out KO, double choke out KO, sleeping gas KO, sleepy kissing, over the shoulder carries, body piles


23 minutes runtime 
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 1.7 GB

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