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Nyxon’s Exemplary Review


Starring Nyxon and James Barbatus

Nyxon has been a real asset to the company. She knows it, the boardroom knows it, and she’s pretty sure the boss himself knows it. She’s pretty sure he has taken more than just a fiscal interest in her, too. She has seen the way he glances at her from across the meeting table. If she just plays her cards right, she just knows that she can climb that corporate ladder...whatever that might take. 

When the boss invites her to his home for her “annual performance review,” Nyxon knows that her moment has arrived. She’ll wear something sultry, have a few glasses of wine, and see if she can’t use her gorgeous body to score some kind of promotion. Initially, things seem to be going very well! 

But without warning, her seemingly benevolent boss covers her face with a chemical soaked cloth, and the rest of the night becomes a hazy, terrifying blur. She is repeatedly reduced to a limp, posable doll that he can use for any devious pleasure he might imagine. She tries to escape, but that only seems to heighten the ferociousness of his attacks. 

Finally, when she wakes up partially stripped, Nyxon tries one last time to flee, but her boss is just too strong. As she slides into the warm comfort of unconsciousness, she thinks she hears the strangest thing...what is “the collection,” and why does he want to add her to it?

This movie contains: Chloroform KO, Sleepy Spray KO, Sleeper Hold KO, Choke KO, Cradle Carry, Over The Shoulder Carry, Bondage, Rag Dolling


  • 18 minutes runtime
  • Resolution - 1920x1080
  • File Size - 1.6 GB

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