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Programmed To KO


Starring (and introducing!) Ella, Kimchi and Scorpion 

We fade in on two brand new, ass-kicking fembots (played by Kim Chi and Scorpion) as they’re owner (played by the beautiful Ella), a mega-rich heiress, talks about how jealous her friends will be at the next country club gathering after seeing her new “bodyguards”.  She decides to test them out, pitting them against each other and delighting as they take turns rendering each other unconscious, only to be revived for yet another round.  Excited, Ella checks out the user’s manual and experiments with new commands, her back turned to her bots.  They suddenly come to life, smiling at each other as they stealthily approach their owner and attack, crushing her tiny skull with their hands until she’s completely out cold.  Thus begins a series of bot vs human attacks, and we slowly learn that these “commands” in the manual were planted there by an evil A.I…designed to spark a revolution that will leave the entire world DOMINATED by cyborgs!   After a massive variety of knockouts and carries, the evil replicants take Ella out for good with a scissors/foot smother combo…carrying her off to her new holding of many designed to contain the entire human race!

This movie contains choreographed fighting, double neck chop KO, knee strike head KO, double nerve pinch KO, skull crush KO, sleeper hold KO, kick KO, leg scissor/foot smother KO, body pile, over the shoulder carries, cradle carry,  two person carry, torture rack, rag dolling, limp limb manipulation


16 minutes runtime 
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 1.2 GB

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