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Punch Drunk KOs


Starring Jinx and Jacquelyn Velvets. After waiting for hours on her roommate Jacquelyn to get home for a girl's night in, the lovely Jinx is enraged when Miss Velvets comes barreling through the door, drunk as the proverbial skunk. Turns out she's discovered a "hip" new drink called "Chloroform" at a nearby club and eventually passes out after taking another big chug from a thermos full of the trendy beverage. A furious Jinx decides to try it out, drinking the rest, and follows Jacquelyn's sleepy path...ending up out cold over the couch. Moments later, Miss Velvets awakens, groggy and irked by the empty container. She decides to teach her roommate a lesson: how to get KO'ed the HARD way! What follows is a back and forth woozy war between two drugged roommates, resulting in multiple knockouts, stripping, limb play, rag dolling, and a finale that includes a massive double KO that leaves both roommates down and OUT for the night!

This movie contains drugged drink KOs, black jack KOs, sleepy spray KOs, wall splash KO, sleeper hold KO, double punch out KOs, woozy effects, over the shoulder carry, foot fondling, limp limb manipulation

18 minutes run time
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 584 MB

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