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Sleepy Triple Cross


Starring Terra Mizu, Gia Love and Jacquelyn Velvets

Secret Agents Gia Love and Terra Mizuare hot on the trail of their prey. They’ve been assigned the biggest case in the entire division…an investigation into a string of disappearances linked to Big Boss Victor and his dedicated henchwoman, Jacquelyn Velvets! When they report to the location they were given, the girls discover a beautiful blonde who (wink wink) seems to have no connection to their elusive targets! 

She invites them in and makes them feel right at home…and as soon as they let their guard down, Jacquelyn pounces! She knocks each of them out using a variety of techniques. That would probably be enough…but this villain can’t help but play with her new toys. She sends them on a wild goose chase through the house that ends in them being KOd again and again! 

But when Jacquelyn isn’t looking, Gia finds a way on to her computer…and uncovers her dastardly game! 

Will Gia and Terra conquer Jacquelyn and get one step closer to Victor? Or will all three girls end up his sleepy servants forever? 

This movie contains Panty hose, boot removal, bare feet, lingerie, drugged drink KOs, neck chop KOs, sleep spray KOs, Foot Pressure Point KOs, Body Piles, ragdolling, Two Person Carries, Panty Hose Bondage, body dragging


  • 36 minutes runtime
  • Resolution - 1920x1080
  • File Size - 2.92 GB

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