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So Busted


Starring Kat Van Wylder and James and Barbatus

Kat Van Wylder thinks she may have found the perfect mark in James Barbatus. He’s clearly attracted to her, obviously wealthy, and probably not too smart. All she’ll need to do is flash some skin and send him off to refill wine, then she can help herself to his valuables and be out before he has a chance to stop her.

There’s only one problem with her plan; James is the son of noted mob boss Jimmy “The Axe” Barbatus, and he’s been onto her scheme since the beginning. He’s more than happy to let her think she’s gotten the better of him because he knows that his revenge will be oh so sweet.

As soon as he catches her in the act, James unleashes a fury of blows on her most sensitive area, kicking, punching, and grinding her poor C into near oblivion. She tries to give him what he wants, but she just can’t take the repeated demolition of her lady bits. When it’s all over, maybe he’ll let her go! But…will there be a life worth living once he’s busted her C to smithereens?

This movie contains emphasis on c-busting kicks with multiple angles, c-busting punches, hand choke, foot choke, foot on face


  • 18 minutes runtime
  • Resolution - 1920x1080
  • File Size -1.37 GB

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