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Staying In And Going Out with Bliss Dulce


Starring (and introducing!) Bliss Dulce and James Barbatus

Bliss Dulce can’t believe her luck! Three days ago, she got a call from the infamous Jacquelyn Velvets, and was invited to come audition for a brand new as of yet unnamed Velvets Fantasies project. When she arrives at the shoot house, though, she’s somewhat concerned to find that Miss Velvets isn’t there. Instead, intern James Barbatus and a faceless cameraman have set up to perform a “screen test.” Whatever…this is a great opportunity!

However, within the first few seconds her anxiety turns to horror…Barbatus isn’t just having her pretend to pass out…he’s actually knocking her senseless with various implements! When she recoils from him, he explains that this is the cost of working with Jacquelyn Velvets.

There’s good news though…Jacquelyn pays very well, and even better for girls who are willing to go through this audition process. If Bliss can just keep her wits about her, this is sure to be a heck of a payday.

Unless, of course, she just ends up joining Jacquelyn’s private collection…

This movie contains Chloro KOs, Sleepy Spray KOs, Head Bonk KO, Sleeperhold KO, Hand Choke KO, Cradle Carries, OTS Carries


  • 20 minutes runtime
  • Resolution - 1920x1080
  • File Size - 1.52 GB

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