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Staying In And Going Out With Juicy Alchemy


Starring (and introducing!) Juicy Alchemy and James Barbatus

There's a new girl on Velvets Fantasies, and you know what that means!! It's time for me to put her through her paces and show her off to my legion of adoring fans! This time, the newcomer is Juicy Alchemy, a blonde bombshell with a delicious body... and you know how I love my blondes. She's here to audition for a starring role in a future Velvets Fantasies feature, and that means I need to see exactly what she's capable of.

Henchman James Barbatus is, of course, more than happy to provide his services. He starts the camera and asks her to feign a run of the mill fainting spell. I like what I see... big, expressive rolling eyes and feminine gasps. But when James breaks out a chloroform rag, I *really* get to see what kind of Alchemy our dear Juice can weave. He takes her down, and takes off her heals so that I can see those sexy soles.

She comes to, and...HUGE SHOCK...she hasn't read her contract thoroughly! They never do, do they? James explains that she's welcome to leave, but there's a bug bonus to be had if she stays and finishes the audition. She hesitantly agrees, and James is on her like an animal. He KOs her with sleepy spray. He renders her a senseless, eye rolling mess with a mask. He knocks her the fuck out with a vicious head bonk. Again and again, my James puts Juicy on her gorgeous ass. He strips and rag dolls her while she's out, paying special attention to those parts that I love best. He effortlessly throws her over his shoulder and parades her around the room.

Finally, he offers her my ultimate challenge... if she can escape the room before a dust mask saturated with aerosolized chloroform can send her night-night, then he'll give her a HUGE roll of cash. But if she doesn't make it... then I guess she has to stay with me forever...

This movie contains chloro KO, sleepy spray KO, sleeper hold KO, gas mask KO, foot pressure point KO, neck pinch KO, black jack KO, dust mask KO, over the shoulder carries, toplessness, rag dolling, limp limb manipulation


  • 22  minutes runtime
  • Resolution - 1920x1080
  • File Size -  2.5 GB

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