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Starring Jacquelyn Velvets, Candle Boxxx, and Scott Torvea. Based off a custom script, Scott plays a "photographer" who puts out an ad planning to have beautiful young models show up for what they believe is a shoot, when in reality he has better plans for them: to try out his new "Freeze Booth" that will turn anyone who steps inside to a frozen poseable statue!

Jacquelyn is the first to arrive, and eager to please. She's a little weirded out by the booth, but steps inside anyway and begins to strike a few poses. After a few seconds, she becomes irritated by the booth, but before she even has the chance to complain any further, she is frozen in her look of disgust. Scott gleefully picks her up out of the booth, manipulates her body and expression, and sets her aside for his next victim.

In walks the lovely Candle, who is super enthusiastic about the photo shoot sees a statuesque Jacquelyn posed in the corner. She pokes and gropes the frozen Jacquelyn, who doesn't even move an inch. Next, Candle steps inside the booth and starts putting
the pieces together in her head. She realizes quickly that this photographer who has an interest in "taxidermy" has alternative motives for Candle, and if she doesn't get out quick she'll have the same fate as poor Jacquelyn!

Unfortunately for the girls it is too late to stop their frozen fate, and now they both will live to serve as pretty statues for their new master: Scott Torvea!

This movie contains freeze booth transformation, posing, expression changing, carrying/relocation

This is a FREEZE fetish custom, and there are NO SLEEPY elements in this video!

16 minutes run time
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 506 MB

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