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The Shirt Locker


Starring Jacquelyn Velvets and Nicole Oring

We fade in on the lovely agent Nicole Oring, decked out in her professional assassin’s attire as she makes her way towards her targeted hide out.  She breaks in, only to find her rival, the devious agent Velvets, waiting for her.  She is quickly overpowered and tossed to the ground, but she quickly takes control after whipping out her pistol and slamming it into Velvets’ temple, knocking her out instantly!  Oring checks her downed opponent but Velvets comes to quickly, snatching Oring by the shirt and slamming fists into her body and face.  A few knees connect with Nicole’s battered body, driving her to the ground.  A smiling Velvets moves in for the kill, but Nicole produces a syringe and stabs herself with it, pressing the plunger and filling herself with a superhuman serum!  A stunned agent Velvets soon finds herself completely overpowered, beaten down, and rendered unconscious with a vicious sleeper hold!  Velvets is bound as Nicole calls her boss, but this battle is FAR from over…as the deadly Velvets makes a final move that completely backfires, leading to a one-sided beatdown that seems to seal the blonde’s fate until the serum starts to wear off!  Velvets seizes the opportunity to strike back, but which agent will win the day and drag her dazed opponent back to her base?   Tune in…and find out!

This movie contains pistol whip KO, punching KOs, cunt busting, belly punching, sleeper hold KO, shirt pulling, tie pulling


17 minutes runtime
Resolution - 720x1280
File Size - 1.3 GB


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